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Let's start with a thread and maybe move to a tribe.....let's see how much can be said about it!

So I was born on December 21st, 1985. I'd love to find out how many of you were also born on this day and what you think of it. Or of course, if you know anyone else that was or feel connected to this date for any reason.

:) excited to hear from you, I very rarely meet other people with this birthday and always feel a big connection with them, I think more than most people with "normal" (boring, haha j/k) birthdays do. My partner in life was born on June 23rd and I think our being almost exactly six months apart and him being so close to the summer solstice is a huge element of our compatability. I always understood Solstices to be very powerful and therefore worldy celebrated days and feel an extra inner power by being so closely tied to one.

Anyone else?


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  • thanks for starting this thread dearest ~love~
    here is an article i wrote about the winter solstice for local (vancouver)publication called "the Urban Hippie", check it out if you can!

    Winter is fastly approaching and many people think of this time of year as their least favorite season. It’s cold, dreary, rainy and dark. The days get shorter and we sorely long for blue skies and vibrant sunshine. Little do people know though that in this solemn season, one of the oldest and universal celebrations takes place-the winter solstice.

    On December 21, the sun rises late in the day, lingers closely to the horizon and then sets shortly thereafter, making it the shortest day of the year, yet the longest night. Ancient cultures were afraid the sun (our life source) was disappearing and would perform rituals calling the Mother Goddess to return. And by the next day, she would reappear, causing for celebration and gratitude.

    Winter solstice celebrations have occurred for thousands of years and nearly every culture on this planet has their special traditions in honour of the sun’s rebirth. Prehistoric sacred sites were built specifically for the solstice (New Grange in Ireland is an example). In China, Dong Zhi-the arrival of winter-is celebrated and thought of as the rebirth of Yang qualities. Some believe that at this time of year the veil between the living world and the spirit world is the thinnest and therefore an appropriate time for self-examination and mediation. This helps to affirm our connection to the energy and power of the earth and the cosmos.

    December 21 is a significant day for myself, it is the day I was born into the present world. Winter is my favorite time of year(and people think I’m crazy!) but I always knew there was something special about being born on the first day of winter. This date also, astrologically speaking, is the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, which may explain my dual presence-outgoing and fiery, yet quiet and reserved.
    And when people ask me when my birthday is, they always ask in reply “do you ever feel shorthanded of presents because your birthday is so close to Christmas?” Well…not really. I believe the return of the beautiful Sun is the best gift one could receive.

    What you can do to celebrate:
    Nowadays, the significance of the Winter Solstice has diminished due to the materialism of Christmas, yet those who believe in this sacred tradition hold their own vigil on this night. There are many things you can do to celebrate this time of year: create an altar with candles and green tree trimmings. Say a blessing and ground yourself knowing that our ancestors and many around the world are celebrating the celestial solar goddess, we are one. Visualize the sun and pray for its return. And give thanks knowing that summer will return once more.
    On December 17, a multimedia solstice celebration will be taking place in downtown Vancouver. Check out for more info.
    Plus, select neighbourhood centers will celebrate the solstice on December 21, the Roundhouse being the main hub. Go to for more details.

    • that spacific day has great significance in my personal life.

      my grandfather passed away three days before his 59th birthday in the year 1980. My grandfather was burried on his 59th birthday in 1980 ... My grandfather was born on Dec. 20th.
      I was 7 years old when he passed. I bawled and bawled and bawled. I still cry ... I'm 32 now. I still remember what he looks like, feels like smells like.
      My sons dads father (paternal grandfather) passed away last week. I know what he's going through. Because I went through it. My son will be 8 this spring. Later this week, my sons grandfathers memorial services will take place.

      ~Rev. Jenn Crow

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