tips on seducing a male sagittarius

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and/or having one fall in love.... anyone have any suggestions?
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  • Don't let him know you really want him.

    Play hard to get.

    Keep the chase alive, because as soon as he realizes that he has you, he'll get bored and start looking over your shoulder at what might be behind door number two.

    Stay happy. Don't let him know you are sad, depressed, or have anything other than fun in mind. Sag's are attracted to fun, happy people. Anything other than that will cause them to rethink their decision.

    As long as you follow those rules, he'll never leave and love you forever.
    • I was going to say, just "be". They'll find you sooner or later. That's been my experience with Sag males but then again I'm a Sag myself, so perhaps it's a bit of our sameness that attracts. I would say that you have to be "cool" in a social setting, sort of in a group but on your own at the same time. I think of myself as a butterfly, I pause, here and there and oh what's over there? And mostly don't fence me in. I think of the guys that attract me most, and they're the ones that have something to do in their lives, but they like me most! Then if he's funny or playful that's a bonus, and if the mind is a bit of a philosophical thinker there is attraction. So try a bit of that to get your guy.

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        As a male Sag, I think a person who attracts me most will be the one who can just be oneself under any circumstances.
        • As a female sag, who's had tons of sag partners, I would suggest just being yourself. If he's interested he'll look you up. If he's interested in who you're pretending to be he'll soon find the truth and boot you to the curb. Be witty, laugh and have fun, but Sag's are sesitive creatures so don't mess with their noggins.
          • How to get pass the 'not talking' part? I'm seeing a sag and usually all he does is sit and look at me. Same on the phone. He just likes to sit on the phone and ask me the same questions. We are both busy and don't get to see each other more than once a week, so there should be stuff to talk about, but he doesn't.
            • A male Sag not talk!!! lol. Get him out of the house and off of the phone. Create new shared experiences; maybe that will give you both something to talk about. I wold take the staring as a compliment though; Sags like pretty people/things.
              • hmm well as a guy i'd say i like aggressive upfront kinda women. stylish, but down to earth, ambitious but not domineering creative but not shy, chatty but not scatter brained, witty but not wicked, intellectual but not pretentious, aries but not cancer!

                personally, i like someone who is gorgeous, well dressed but has an eccentric touch and strange career. I'm not into meeting the extended family nor do i like the beige box lifestyle of the 9-5er sheepess.

                yep i'm gonna stare--but i'll keep talking all night if you'll let me!

                if any of you are violinists, ballet dancers or something artsy i'm in2 u!
                • Well, thanks for clearing that up. Playtoy. Yeah, this guy seems to be really gone on my eyes. It's all he talks about. Men are weird.
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                    In my opinion, if the guy has nothing to say and is not asking you questions about yourself, it's because he doesn't want to know that much more. Get in the sack already. I knew a guy who pretty much talked about my ass, when I asked if he wanted to know anything else about me, he said: "I know all I need to know". Direct and honest. It was up to me to decide.
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                    maybe he's a shy sag? or maybe u got a really weird one--they do exist.

                    why don't u tell him it's bugging u?
                    • Because, like most Sagges, he's a little sensitive. Just as Muldoon states below, if I just randomly giggle on the phone, it's 'what's so funny??' like I'm laughing at him. Seriously, he calls just to sit on the phone with me and say stuff like I'm very pretty and really fun to cuddle with. Maybe I'm just out of practice with this whole thing. It is cool being with someone who gets me. I can be myself and he goes with the flow. He's Greek-American, too! Yummy!
  • I don't mind the initial shyness or nervousness of first meets/dates etc, but it annoys me when women don't look at me and then laugh at the thoughts in their heads that they don't share. Don't share "everything", just try and include me in the conversation somehow. Glance at me if that's all you can manage, then i will know I'm not wasting my time.
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    Give him some "buttons" to push. Make certain that you ract to those buttons every time he pushes them. And when he finds the negative buttons, be for warned... he will want to push those as well.
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      to be honest.. Im seeing my second Sag man in a row (Im a scorp) and Im having De Ja Vu, and Im finding it pretty frustrating (again). I feel like Im going out with the Tasmanian Devil so pre-occupied with his own stuff, never sitting still, or talking.. and I just feel like Im in the middle of this whirl wind.. but actually not really participating in the relationship.. trying my hardest to get his attention for longer than a split second seems impossible.. well outside the bedroom anyway. Sure the sex is amazing but I would like to think that I am more interesting than just a pussy. Im not sure how to do this, because I need to feel like for at least some of the time, he is interested in what I want to do, my friends etc but in the five months we have been seeing each other, I dont feel like that has happened. Im really deliberating whether I can do this again. Any advice?
      • yes you are surely more than just a pussy ... I can see that .... a sharp mind and all ...
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          yes but words are just words. Im looking for meaningful gestures.
          • > yes but words are just words. Im looking for meaningful gestures.

            I'm not sure that what you're describing is characteristically Sag. Half my chart is in Sag, and I have the opposite problem... I"m interested in *everything*.. and as a result have to be careful not to get too sucked into someone else's agenda.

            Do you know what his asendant and moon signs are?

            I will say this... once we're on a mission, all else can be relegated to the category of distractions. But damn, if he really likes you, it shouldn't be too hard to gain his attention.

            Now gestures on the other hand... no use for them. Either commit to the task at hand, or do something else. Why waste time on halfway measures, which is what gestures seem to be... don't actually DO it... just show that you're *interested* in doing it, or that you value it even though you aren't taking time or attention for it. That just offends my Sag sensibilities. :)
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        "trying my hardest to get his attention for longer than a split second seems impossible.. well outside the bedroom anyway."

        Yep. We are interested in you outside of the bedroom, for more than your sex. We're interested in EVERYTHING, though. ALL THE TIME. If you think it's frustrating to you, imagine what's going on in our active little brains. It seems that I hear the same problem from many of my friends about me. The problem, as I see it from inside my skull is, no one has ever taught me the value of the word "no". So... I try and give everything to all my people all the time. It's not that he doesn't give you all the attention that you need, which is probably the case as well... It's more that he hasn't figured out how to add more hours into the day, or to say no to all the other people who are wondering how to get a Sagg to calm down into one subject for more than an hour.
  • > anyone have any suggestions?

    Have you tried a shy smile ? Honestly, unless he's intimidated by you, it shouldn't take much. :-)
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      Honesty is always the best policy. If you hide any thing he will know and resent it, if he doesnt like you for who you realy are give up.
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        Sorry gestures is so no the right word I was looking for, I think you know what I mean though. I am utterly honest... and I think maybe he is a little intimidated by my scorp intensity. I think more often than not his whirlwind of action is him on a mission to impress me, but he doesnt need to. I am already impressed.. but I just want him to stop and get to know me - because I am intelligent, cute, fun, eccentric, creative and sexy I am. Ha ha. And I want to get to know him... but he is such a butterfly. Guess I just need to be patient.
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          A patient scorpio? Only when devising the revenge for not getting what they need. *grin*

          As long as you both rely on your mutual patience and humor (which should be interesting) you'll be okay. Good luck.
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    Make certain you have buttons to press that get you riled up. Sags love to push buttons and get reactions. It makes us feel noticed and powerful... especially in the sex department.
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      yes well i have lots of buttons to push and he is taking great pleasure in finding them.. even the ones I didnt know I had so Im guessing he feels pretty powerful right now...especially in the sex department.
      • Sags do not need a lot of attention, they seek novel experiences, companionship and great uncomplicated sex. They are sweet and sentimental. They like to solve problems and enjoy a woman who appreciates that quality. Let him catch you bragging about him to your friends. He'll never admit it but he loves approval and is rather vain. Not in an obvious way. He is a terribile flirt but doesn't mean anything by it.. He is a galloping horse, always busy, always thinking and wondering...Honestly appreciate him and you'll get to enjoy him forever.
  • There's an easy way to get a guys attention can push him over the edge if he has a foot/shoe fetish, which many guys do have. Easy way to try this out. Wear nice shoes (heels or those ballerina flats) you can easily slip out of while wearing hose. Wearing jeans is fine. Get in a position near him where you can put your weight on one foot and slip your other foot in and out of the shoe while wiggling your toes. Let your toes rest on the heel and/or toe of the shoe. Play with the shoe in general. If you're near each other and know each other, you can comment your feet are sore. See if he offers a massage. You can also do this move with you back to him while you look out the window or at papers. With your back turned, he has a good chance to take in the scenery. Works great at the mall or bar where you can lean against something.

  • While this may not be true for all Male Sags or Sags in general.

    As a Sag I hate doing the chase. While it may seem like I'm not interested, chances are I probably am. In fact I'm usually more interested than I'm not. The big thing about me personally is that I'm never going to contact the other person on a daily basis. I never have and I never will. This applies to both friends and lovers. I also like direct honesty. So if a woman really likes me, it would be better if she just told me. Rather than beat around the bush about it.
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    i agree on the play hard to get and dont let them know u care too much, a scorpio dating a sag for the past 9monhts...he wont say we are not in a relationship but we spend time together, ive kept my firey side to a minimum with him, he is a very straight forward kinda guy..and i feel if he didnt like me or want to spend time he wud not...being with him has taught me such patience and to give a relationship time and space, normally scorpios are all over whoever they date, espc. if they really like you...but with him i dotn worry bout what hes doing or who hes doing it with, not sure why....but ive learned to enjoy our time together, he use to be kinda quiet but hes more of a talker now, and espcially around his guys i see another whole side of him...the sag im dating is very successful so he is really into his work and takn care of buzness, that is somethign that has drawn me to him, hes very focused...the love making is grreeattt! i gues cuz hes not super emotional but ive experienced soem real emotional conneciton with him in bed, that shows me he really cares! but sometimes i wonder is it really worth the wait, and if i cud deal with him long term with teh non emotional kinda needing his space thing....i dont know, but for now i will jus enjoy it for what it is!
  • I got this same biggest problem.........there is this guy and I know he got feelings for me.........he seems double minded........I m dying in other words...don't know what to do....don't wanna push him but at the same time i m so lost...i m like if you like me just say it.......but this guy seems confused .......please somebody tell me what to do .....gush at the same time i don't wanna do the first move..........he doesn't like talking either...........i text him more than he.........then i m like okay he doesn't like me and then he does somthing that makes me think he likes me............and then again same story repeat...........he is very complicated and think too much.........and me i m not patient.......
    • is there a possibility we're seeing the same guy:))) thousand times i persuaded myself" this is the last time i see him", then he does something surprising exciting and i began to hope again. believe or not he told me i love you...but then again that eternal texts no connections, he disappears and appears again... i am tired of this
      is there a hope????
      • Oh gosh the exact same for me!! I've known this Sag guy for ages, and people always say we should be together, but we're still just very close friends. He told my sister he liked me before, but he obviously never did anything about it even though it was probably at around the same time that I was into him! So I guess Sages are the type that don't like to make the first move?? Recently we've been spending more time with each other, and sometimes I think he's into me but then the next thing he does will make me think "oh so he doesn't like me" and then over and over again...I'm a scorpio so I can usually tell what people are feeling but HE REALLY CONFUSES ME. Haha....I think he's either too shy to make the first move, or else he's just flirting around to no end. (though he is a bit flirty with other girls he doesn't get physical with them, whereas when we're at parties and he's a bit looser and tipsy he starts holding me and stuff) Anyway I'd LOVE some input from young Sag guys.....=D
      • Totally have the same problem! That is why I am on this forum.
        I think I'm falling for this Sag and then he just "tunes out."
        After 40 some texts this week and all sorts of intense flirtation,
        then he goes out of touch. We spent HOURS texting. He's
        totally amusing one minute, then gone the next.
        The next time he "tunes in," he says something so caring
        and/or profound or arousing that it makes me gasp and catch
        my breath....He's amazing. But, when things heat up and the
        synchronicity or growing closeness is there, he can suddenly
        back up with no explanation???

        He is driving me nuts. And I think he's wonderful!! aghhh!

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