Virgos- are they all complicated?

topic posted Sat, February 19, 2005 - 8:21 AM by  Lars
What is it with Virgo men being such a process!?! I will never understand them and somehow end up falling for them? I don't know nearly enough about astrology so if you guys could help me out I'd really appreciate it.

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    Virgo is an earth sign, which one represents that which is grounded....opposite of us firey explorers. Also in its the 6th sign in order that represents the woman or the virgin...there's a purity in that. Now I'm just speaking on the little I've studied on the signs....rising moon etc will have an effect on an individual, but that's just a bit of basics I know.
  • I have a very good friend who is a virgo. He is one of the nicest people I know, but he will almost never give a straight answer, it's like "yes" and "no" aren't in his vocabulary. He's also a bit of a control freak in a somewhat passive-aggressive sort of way or in a "it must be done this way" sort of way.
    • Strange- this guy is the same way. Passive-aggressive obsessive compulsive and all. What a mess! I'm thankful for being a far less complicated sign. Any advice on how to handle this guy?
      • Accept him as he is. Don't expect "yes" and "no" answers. Enjoy the fun, keep things light and easy. Be upfront and honest.
        • Yeah any other info you might have on Virgo's and our relationships with them would be great...I've always...and I do mean always managed to have Virgo man in my it very very close friend, lover, or both. I'm starting to sense a pattern here...and it's only taken me 26 years.
          • I have my Sun in Virgo and my Mars in Sag.

            My virgo just told you that... my sag would have asked you to guess!

            the relationship between virgo and sag can be precarious, but when they trust each other they can go places that none would have imagined possible.

            Virgos are logical and are oriented around process, and sometimes to not feel secure with the sag archer, the lover of luck, who'll risk everything for fun, chance, adventure.

            If the Sag's can agknowledge the Virgos immaculate process and logic than the Virgo will be much more comfertable and willing to trust in the Sag's adventure.

            I've had great experiences with Sag women and find myself attracted to them more often than not.
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    Oh Virgos… Virgos… Virgos… how they turn me all about. They come to light with their earthly passions. So beautiful, so graceful, so lovely… but then again they are just toooooo fuc*ing perfect! Aghh!!! They drive me nuts with their judgments and “thou not so worthy as me” attitude ~~blagh~~ so learn to give up their judgments and move through too the passion – creativity – and Ooooooo they are so full of love. Absolutely wonderful… mmmm~~~~
    • Okay, I have a Virgo moon so I have a bit of insight that way. Then along comes my son, now eight. Argh! I call him my "Just So Virgo". Everything in it's place and a place for everything. And don't f*&k with it. Virgos don't like stepping outside the box as far as I can tell. But I do love them.
  • i agree Virgos are control freaks with passive -aggressive tendencies... and so reliable and earthing, and adore sagis and wait on us hand and arse ; d but if their trust in you falters ( for whatever multitudinous reasons we sagis can rustle up on any occassion) then it is hard to restore it . they do have great minds and fabulous conversation though eh

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