Sagittarius man and Gemini Woman. what went wrong?

Kevin Mon, October 5, 2009 - 10:44 PM by Kevin

i am Sagg man. my moon is in picses, and have scorpio in venus, aquarius rising. i was in a serious relationship for 5 and a half years with a Gemini girl. i know we were reciprocals, and in many ways it was the best times of my life. the truest love i have ever felt, and had returned. great sex. we had incompatibilities but overall we were peas in a pod. but in the end she left me suddenly and pretty coldly. i was away for a while and one day i called her to say hi, and she informed me that she wouldnt be living with me anymore. we talked and she claimed she had been unhappy for a while, although she never expressed this to me before. there was nothing i could say to change her mind. although she said it was a really hard decision to make, but she went through with it . i searched myself and my past with her looking for any wrong i had done her. but i was so sweet and loving. there was nothing i wouldnt do for her. she wanted for nothing, and had a down soulmate, that was really there for her. and my scorpio in venus helped me be protective, and a good provider and caretaker. it completely broke my heart that she took me for granted and i never felt like it was justified that she broke up with me at all. since then she doesnt call, or hang out. she doesnt seem to want to be friends, and she seems to be just moving on, never looking back. after 5 years, to not have any need for any connection with someone so loving and such a part of her life is just the worst. is this how Geminis are? does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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SynerGy Tue, October 6, 2009 - 10:11 AM by SynerGy

because gemini women are selfish and the definition of self-indulgent .
i'd say mars/moon in gemini also ...
they do whatever they want and don't really care how it hurts someone else .
that's just my 2 cents anyway .

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Kevin Tue, October 6, 2009 - 5:17 PM by Kevin

Good point. i think youre right. anyone else have any views on this?

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Bob Thu, October 8, 2009 - 3:13 PM by Bob

It kinda depends on the Gemini (my mother and one sister are, as other women in my life) but if all you're getting from a Gemini is "it's great!", then there's probably something stewing on the flip side. As a friend of mine says, "The brighter the bright, the darker the shadow."

In other words, the better a Gemini has it, the worse they feel. Get it? By giving her everything she wanted, you made the other part of her miserable.

It's all about the two faces. If you only ever see one side of a Gemini, you're only getting the half of it. And they are very adept at only showing one side until they can't hold the other back.

Re: Sagittarius man and Gemini Woman. what went wrong?

Kevin Sun, October 11, 2009 - 12:50 AM by Kevin

Amazing then that they are supposed to be our best match. i felt the deep connection with her, but they couldnt be more different from a Sagittarius.

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"Sol" Sun, October 11, 2009 - 10:47 AM by "Sol"

deep connections are about the moment and subjective,,,the above posts are insightful,,,
gems and sags are similar in that if you never tell either one you love them then they will
either stick around cause they will wait for those words so it gives them an excuse to leave,,,
or they feel a relief cause when one person says I love you to another, usually theres an
obligation for the other to repeat those words, then it all becomes a needy relation,,,who wants that,
except a needy person,,,say i love you thru your actions and give space,,,

also when someone puts someone else on a pedastal, then the sex is great for a while
but then the person on the pedastel feels like they are a fraud and don't want to have to
live up to something that is impossible,,

,what went wrong, who knows, we weren't there,
and astrology compares charts but its the emotional intangibles that keep a relation going,,,
besides every relation has an expiration date,,,enjoy it while you can and while its around,,,

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Selectums Sat, October 2, 2010 - 8:30 PM by Selectums

Hello Kevin, i'm a gemini woman who is terrifically attracted to a sag man I can't help you but you are kinda scaring me.I really like this guy but he is kinda weird. I know he got feeling for me but he is hiding i so beautifully that it just kills me, sometimes frustrate me. Once I ask him to go for a talk we went to a mall to eat.........too noisy...i wanted some calm place.........while crossing the streets, the light suddenly turn red, I usually see this but this time I was just walking and not he told me to hurry up or something like that and when I was about to run to cross the street, he tries to hold my hand..........gush come can you do just doesnt work this dont say run and then be romantic at the same time...............but he is disarming sometimes....let's say when I wait the less..........but I would have liked that he tells me his position before going to the act..........something like i got feelings for you.........I love you.........I m very romantic.......and he seems careless..........egoist sometimes.........he seems to be in his bubble..........can't read his mind.........and he doesn't either say what is going on in his head.............he doesn't like talking...........while me I can't live if I don't talk..........I need to go for a have somebody who listens to me.............I like saying stuffs once.........and if the person does it..........I t makes me feel so GOOD.........and loved.

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Mary Mon, November 7, 2011 - 9:36 AM by Mary

I am a Gemini woman who has been seeing a Sag man for two months ..... VERY attracted to him, LOVE being with him, but need some affection .... feedback ... SOMETHING! Calls me every nite, except on the occasion that he doesn't. See each other for dinner a couple of times a week, but if we plan on dinner and a club or move ... it gets to be "too late" and we just have dinner. Go with his decision to do so or not do so. He's very talkative. We met on a dating site that said he wanted someone with whom he could share his innermost feelings. Has told me everything about him and his family so he's open about that, but not about his emotions. I get kissed hello and good bye with wonderful, long hugs. BUT HE'S NOT PASSIONATE! Held my hand once. Is he just shy or is this typical Sag man behavior?! Do I yank him by the shirt front and say, "kiss me damn it" ..... I am a very kind, loving, nurturing person. When I asked "Am I a friend/dinner companion or are you pursuing a relationship" he said, 'OH NO I'M PURSUING A RELATIONSHIP" like I should have known! Someone help me to understand how to understand this man!

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kathelina Sun, October 7, 2012 - 1:35 AM by kathelina

i am a gemini myself. to be honest what that girl did to you was the exact same thing i did to my boyfriend. we styll havent gottin back. im gonna be really honest with you from what ive experienced about myself. even though u said earlier that she never asked for should have focused on tht more. my boyfriend loved me so much, he was a leo man so tht explains alot. the truth is, even thought he cared so much about me...he didnt show it until after i broke up with him. he keeps asking to get back but i got over it. as a gemini women, we get bored reallly fast. and yes rumors are tht we are selfish. in my opinion it can be true for most women. i think to keep selfish gemini you have to treat her like she's the only one in the world, give her all you have. in simpler words you would have to spoil her to keep hercoming for more. as a gemini what i noticed about myself is tht i fall hard for guys tht play hard to get. if my ex didnt annoy me to get back with him. it would make me wonder why and i would catch feelings easily, buh knowing tht he styll cares so much...i just dont care and nothing i can control. im not gonna fight my feelings.

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Thu, August 15, 2013 - 11:21 AM by Unsubsc...

No. Most us are not like that at all. I adore Sag's. You guys are the most kind hearted, fun, childlike, wonderful people in the world! :) It depends on which Gemini you date. She sounds like she didn't really know what she wanted and jumped into a relationship too soon. That isn't your fault so don't blame yourself.

If I was with a Sag, you couldn't pay me to leave him. She sounds like she had some other personal issues going on. You'll find your soulmate. Just give yourself time to heal and don't give up on all Gemini girls just because you came across one relationship that wasn't meant to be.

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Thu, August 15, 2013 - 11:23 AM by Unsubsc...

Whaht Gemini woman are you talking about? Cause that damn sure doesn't apply to me!

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nicole Mon, April 14, 2014 - 8:57 PM by nicole

Okay I am new at this , but im going to give you my honest opinion and I hope you appreciate it.
Not all gemini women are selfish; some yes. I am a gemini woman I am not selfish i am selfless.
When I love someone I love hard , I am sensitive, I can take almost anything you say the wrong way if you don't explain it.
I can be serious , but I love to have fun, I can be a flirt. Great sense of humor, caring , loving.
I love when I get affection from my love. What went wrong was she did not appreciate you
I am shocked that your ex did that. But ima be honest sometimes
When women feel like there is nothing left of her to give to you
And she feel like you are not doing something right and she have to
Keep telling you she will give up and let go. Gemini women think alot
And sometimes that be our down fall. Im sure one day she going to feel like she messed up
Someone is out there who will appreciate you for every single detail.

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Bud M Sat, April 26, 2014 - 9:45 AM by Bud M

Gemini women think alot And sometimes that be our down fall.

I had a Leo friend and her mind was a tick tok clock that description sounds like her.